Our reviews of Padel rackets, shoes and other equipment

Our Padel racket reviews

We love to test padel rackets. In fact, we test hundreds of rackets per year! Each of the below major manufacturers and brands normally release a new collection every year. Read all of our padel racket reviews.

Padel racket reviews by skill, feature, and type of player

Some of the brands we review


Whatever your level and the features of your game, we have an adidas padel racket that will adapt to your style and bring out the best in you. Discover the new padel racket collection and take your game to a whole new level!

Popular models: Metalbone CTRL, Adipower series (e.g. Adipower 3.1 Seba Nerone, Adipower Master LTD), Adipower CTRL 2022 series, Metalbone 3.1, Adipower Multiweight CTRL, Adipower Multiweight), Essnova Carbon CTRL, Adidas Drive Light

Babolat padel racket product image


Looking for the perfect competition racket? Or the ideal racquet to help you improve? Whether you’re an elite player, advanced player or beginner, we have a review of the best babolat padel racket to buy.

Popular models: Air Viper, Technical Viper, Technical Veron, Counter Veron, Storm

Black Crown padel racket product image

Black Crown

Black Crown is closely intertwined with professional Padel sport. The Black Crown Ice and more recent Python series were best known for the top performances of the Spanish Marta Marrero as the number 1 of the women’s top rankings worldwide.

Popular models: Piton Attack 12k, Wolf, Special Power 2022

Bullpadel Hack 03 2022 product image


In 1995 Bullpadel was born as a result of collaboration between several professional padel players from Argentina and Spain. Bullpadel has collaborations with several top padel players, like Paquito Navarro or Maxi Sanchez. Bullpadel’s padel rackets not only look good, but offer exceptional quality.

Popular models: Vertex 03 Comfort 22, Hack 03 Comfort 22, Hack 03 by Paquito, Vertex 03 CTR 22, Raider, BP10 Evo, Indiga CTR 22, Vertex 02 Avant

Head padel racket product image

Head may be a multisport brand, make no mistake about it, its padel rackets are among the most sophisticated on the market.

Popular models: Zephyr, Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro, 360+ Alpha Motion, Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid with CB, Head Genesis

NOX padel racket product image


The NOX padel racket catalogue is full of novelties in the NOX padel racket series. Discover the latest designs of the Luxury Series where you will find the NOX AT10 Genius 18K, NOX AT10 Genius Arena and the NOX AT10 Genius Hard by Agustin Tapia padel racket.

Popular models: AT10 Luxury Genius Arena, AT Luxury Genius, ML10 Series, ML10 Pro Cup Luxury, Nerbo WPT Luxury, VK10 series, AT10 Genius 18k, ML10 Shotgun Luxury, Equation WPT series

Dunlop padel racket product image


Dunlop has over 20 years of experience developing premium quality padel products for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Quality, technology and innovation for maximum performance primarily in the Dunlop padel rackets.

Popular models: Galactica Pro, Galactica Lite, Galactica, Inferno Carbon Elite, Rapid Power 3.0, Blitz Attack

RS (Robin Söderling) padel racket product image

RS Sports

Founded by ex Tennis Pro Robin Söderling, RS Padel has rackets for both beginners, competitive players and professionals. We offer both drop-shaped and round padel rackets.

Popular models: Prime Power Edition 2.0, Prime Control Edition 2.0, Pro Edition Cayetano Rocafort

Star Vie padel racket product image


Starvie is a Spanish sport brand founded in 2002. Since 2009 they are part of the Oteador group that specializes in padel tennis projects.

Starvie select their own materials, design and manufacture their own products, thus enabling us to adapt and satisfy the users or players needs and level requirements.

Another advantage of being manufacturers is that they can easily adjust to the market’s quality and design demands.

Popular models: StarVie Metheora Warrior, StarVie Raptor, StarVie Triton, StarVie Astrum.

Wilson Blade Pro V2 padel racket


Wilson padel racquets are a top choice for padel players of all skill levels. Professional players on the World Padel Tour, including Nicole Traviesa, Pablo Lijo, and Fernando Belasteguin, have all chosen to use Wilson padel rackets.

Their products are known for their exceptional performance and durability.

Popular models: Pro Blade v2, Blade series, Bela series, Pro Staff series, Ultra series

Our Padel shoes reviews

Almost as important as the racket, but often forgotten are the padel shoes. Don’t shrug off having a great pair of shoes. Your feet will thank you! Read all of our padel shoes reviews.

Some of the brands we review

Babolat padel shoes


The Babolat padel shoes are designed for players of all levels, from beginners to competitors. Adherence, agility, support, protection, comfort or light feel.

Bullpadel shoes


Bullpadel is often mentioned in the same breath as well-known top padel players who have sponsored the brand for years, such as the Argentines Maxi Sánchez, Gabi Reca, Cata Tenorio, and the Spanish Icíar Montes, Victoria Iglesias, Raúl Díaz, Antonio Luque and Paula Hermida.

K-Swiss footwear for padel tennis


Kswiss footwear to play padel tennis has become one of the favorites for padel tennis lovers. The firm began to stand out in the tennis sector with its All Court, Hb soles and later with the clay or Espiga sole, leaving behind the omni sole.

Little by little a gap has been made in the padel tennis thanks to the manufacture of quality products designed for all audiences and especially for its collaboration with Mondo and joint work on technology on artificial grass.

Munich padel shoes


One of the great leaders in this sector characterized by a high-quality product manufacturing that knows combine unique designs and great comfort.

In this case, the footwear collection of the signature of the ‘X’ for paddle tennis arrives with a specific proposal that seeks to satisfy the needs of users with several models for both men and women that vary in lightness, cushioning, performance and designs for cover a wide spectrum.

Our Padel accessories reviews

We’re not saying you need every accessory available to become a better padel player, but there are certain accessories that can help you elevate your confidence when you walk to or in on the pitch.

Below you can see some of these categories of products that Isabella has reviewed. Feel free to contact us if something is missing!


Padel tennis bags are essential for every player. They come in different sizes and colors, and each one is designed to meet the specific needs of the player. Some players prefer large bags that can hold a lot of equipment, while others prefer smaller bags that are easier to carry around. There are also many different brands of padel tennis bags on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.


Padel is played with a padel ball. A padel ball is lighter, slightly smaller and has less pressure than a tennis ball. Therefore, a tennis ball is not good for your padel racket. Which padel ball you choose depends on your own choice. The Head Pro S plays a little faster compared to the Head Pro. Both are approved by all international padel federations.

With the Tubo + you store balls easily under pressure. In a few seconds you have pressurized the inner chamber, so the balls don’t lose pressure.


During sports you need clothing that is suitable for this. We offer reviews of compression clothing, which is very suitable under sports clothing and very well helps with injury prevention. In addition, regular sportswear with the latest trends in padel, with which you will make a sporty, fresh impression on the padel court.


Do you want extra protection for the rackets or do you want proven less vibration from the racket to the arm?

We’ve got reviews for what we believe is the best undergrip and overgrip. We’ve also tried new innovations such as X-Grip & Hesacore as well as the 4on totalgrip spray.

All accessories (everything else)

Here’s you’ll find reviews of everything else. From sweatbands to protective gear for your racket.