Enhance your grip with 4on totalgrip

Are you sweaty or have trouble getting a good grip on the rack? If so, try this product, which immediately gives you maximum grip! I didn’t believe it worked until I tried it myself. It is 🤯!

4on TotalGrip spray is a cutting-edge non-slip product that prevents hand sweat from making your top grip slippery and is ideal for use in wet, sweaty, hot conditions.

Spray the product directly onto the grip of your padel racket, a little at a time, until you achieve the desired effect.

Read on to learn how this product will revolutionize your game too.

Overview of the 4on TotalGrip Spray

A team of innovative problem-solvers, scientists, and strategists created the 4on TotalGrip Spray to create new products with value and care for the sport.

As a result, they prioritize the quality of their products in stock to provide you with the ideal playing environment.

4on TotalGrip spray is a highly developed non-slip product that leaves maximum grip and friction while preventing sweaty hands in wet, steamy, and hot situations.

4on TotalGrip Spray product image.

4on TotalGrip spray

  • Totalgrip preventing sweaty hands
  • Ensures fantastic grip no matter the weather or conditions
  • Reduces the need for new overgrips

The moisture in the 4on TotalGrip Spray is being activated by the small particles, which in turn, creates a stickiness that results in a high friction grip that optimizes control.

The spray’s better control and adherence allow the hand that holds the padel racket to be more relaxed, improving sensitivity and avoiding potential elbow problems such as epicondylitis.

This product was created specifically for padel, making it far more efficient than magnesium-chalk products. It will heavily reduce your need to change grips often.

The complete 4on grip spray is perfect for summer matches with common sweaty hands and slipping rackets.

What are things to consider before buying the 4on Totalgrip Spray?

Before you fill your cart, add the 4on TotalGrip spray, and check out, you need to know these two factors:

Leaves maximum grip

The fine particle is activated with moisture that gives maximum grip. Before you add the 4on Totalgrip spray to your cart, consider the grip’s capacity to wick away sweat.

Stickiness for better control

The most sticky grips can frequently become slippery on the surface from sweat, but the most absorbent grips will be starting to feel slippery if used by a fully dry, non-sticky playing hand.

Featured professional padel players using 4on. Image source: 4on.se.
Featured professional padel players using 4on. Image source: 4on.se.

What are the features and benefits of the 4on Spray Grip?

  • 4on TotalGrip Spray is a cutting-edge anti-slip spray that prevents sweat. This product quickly creates friction between the racket and the hand, allowing us to maintain maximum control of our game in humid and hot conditions.
  • The fine particles in the aerosol are activated by moisture and generate a sensation of adherence, greatly improving racket grip problems caused by sweaty palms.
  • The improved control and adherence provided by the aerosol allow the hand holding the racket to be more relaxed, improving sensitivity and avoiding potential elbow problems such as epicondylitis.
  • This product was designed for padel, making it far more efficient than magnesium-chalk items.


  • Maximizes grip and friction; prevents sweat in hot, steamy, and humid environments
  • Provide a humid condition, which in turn, produces a high-friction grip and optimizes control
  • Highest quality guaranteed

Where is the best place to purchase the 4on Totalgrip Spray?

You can visit the 4on Official Website to ensure you purchase authentic products in stock. You can also buy 4on from Amazon, they offer free delivery and it normally ships within 1-2 days.

Follow the steps to finish the order. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. When you order, all items are in stock and ready for delivery, and we will send them as quickly as possible.

Delivery options are available on the site, as well as delivery periods. On the top right part of the page is the cart; add the spray, and you’re good to go!

If buying direct, please note:

For customers outside the EU, VAT and possible customs fees are not included in the price (except in Norway). The price guarantee only applies to the product subject to Danish VAT, customs, guarantee, and customer care rules. All rights reserved.

What is the target market of the 4on Totalgrip Spray?

The 4on Totalgrip Spray is designed for players to improve their grip on their Padel racket.

What is the customers’ response to the 4on Totalgrip Spray?

The following are customer’s rating for the 4on Totalgrip Spray.

“Even after playing a number of games in extremely humid weather, I find that the sensation the 4on TotalGrip Spray gives me on the overgrip is constantly novel. Because of this spray, I can exert a lot of force without worrying about the racquet slipping from my grasp.”

– Anonymous

“One of the most recurring problems for starting paddle tennis players, especially in summer, is the grip of the racket. People like me, whose hand sweat, feel insecure when making strong shots such as flat shots because sometimes the shaft slips and the point is missed. There is a quantity of products on the market. One is to add a grip on it to improve grip and another is to use a spray. Add this in your shopping cart right now.”

– Anonymous

“Leaving aside the economic aspect, I have to say that the spray really fulfills the purpose for which it was manufactured, so I recommend its use for those people who suffer from high moisture in the palm of the hand, because it really works. With it we will achieve better performance in our paddle matches, since on the one hand the blade does not slip, and on the other hand we will be more focused on the game than on the grip of the blade itself.”

– Anonymous

What are good alternatives to the 4on TotalGrip for Padel?

Aside from the 4on TotalGrip Spray, there are a variety of solutions to help you get a better grip on the racket.

  • Grippy Gripz: Grippy Gripz is a non-slip product that has developed a gel that can be applied to the hand, which prevents sweat.
  • Gorilla Grip: Gorilla Grip is one of the most popular professional non-slip solutions. This product type is a mini towel or cloth called the Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer.
  • Hesacore & X-Grip: Two inventions to enhance the undergrip of your padel racket.


If you’ve been looking for the ideal grip spray product, this type of spray will boost your padel playing by enhancing your grip.

Because this type of product offers the ideal amount of friction for a secure and better grip, the 4on TotalGrip spray is the first non-slip product we highly recommend for all padel players.

FAQs about the 4on total grip spray

How does the 4ON TotalGrip spray work? 

The 4ON TotalGrip spray is designed to enhance the grip on the padel racket handle. It creates a thin film on the handle that provides excellent grip without leaving any residue. The spray is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it perfect for use before and during matches or training sessions.

How long does the 4ON TotalGrip spray last? 

The duration of the grip enhancement provided by the 4ON TotalGrip spray can vary depending on factors such as humidity and usage. However, the grip should last for several hours, making it suitable for use during an entire match or training session.

Is the 4ON TotalGrip spray safe to use?

Yes, the 4ON TotalGrip spray is safe to use. It is made with high-quality ingredients that are non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. However, it is important to avoid contact with eyes and mouth, and to keep the spray out of reach of children.

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