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Padel in the United States continues to show incredible growth.

Padel in the United States:
A Growing Sport 🔥

Padel, the racquet sport with its roots in Mexico that has been growing rapidly across Europe and Latin America, is rapidly gaining popularity in the USA.

With Marcos Del Pilar as the President of the United States Padel Association (USPA) as the governing body, more facilities and investors are joining to be part of the success of padel in the US.

The reception area at Padel Haus in New York, NY. Image source: Padelpaper.
The reception area at Padel Haus in New York, NY. Image source: Padelpaper.

Where to Play Padel in the US

Florida is currently known as the cradle of padel in the US, with Miami being the city with the most padel clubs and courts.

There are also padel courts across Tampa, Orlando as well as other cities. Maybe the weather plays its part here.

California with major cities like LA and San Francisco also offers a lot of availability, but it is in San Diego where the real padel magic has been booming lately.

Other states and cities with a great supply of padel courts include Arizona, New York, Atlanta, and Texas.

States with Most Padel Courts in the USA

It’s incredibly hard to answer how many padel courts are in the US. It is however estimated that there are at least 180+ public, private, and residential padel courts in the United States.

Florida (mainly Miami) has over 40 courts alone while California has over 10 courts. Other states with multiple courts include Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona with many more on the way.

While these are some of the major states offering multiple padel courts, there are also smaller towns across the country where the local community is strong and padel is on a growth trajectory.

Read the highlights from the Global Padel Report 2023 by Playtomic and Monitor Deloitte to see the recent development of padel courts being built in the US. It almost tripled in 2022!

Padel is facing fierce competition from pickleball. But what are the differences between padel and pickleball?

United States Padel Association (USPA) logo

The United States Padel Association (USPA)

As mentioned, the United States Padel Association (USPA) is the governing body for the sport of padel in the U.S.

They are responsible for promoting and developing padel throughout the United States at every level – from local communities to professional tournaments.

The USPA is the only Padel Association in the USA recognized by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the American Padel Federation (APF).

USPA welcomes new facilities and investors to join them in their mission to make padel a successful sport in America. The association has been instrumental in organizing tournaments and events across different states.

Our aim is to increase exposure and participation in the USA as well as to support current and upcoming facilities to become more successful in their Padel journey.

Mission of the USPA

Pro Padel League (PPL) logo

Pro Padel League (PPL)

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is North America’s first professional Padel league and announced in 2022 that they will be launching a team competition in the world’s fastest-growing sport.

The league will be played across 6 different locations and venues when it debuts in 2023. San Diego, Miami (Taktika Padel), Cancun, Toronto, Arkansas, and Los Angeles.

United States Padel Association (USPA) President and global Padel pioneer, Marcos del Pilar, will serve as league commissioner, had this to say about the forming of the league:

The PPL is the perfect new ecosystem for Padel to grow in North America and boost its exposure. I am extremely proud to be part of this huge step forward which will spread the magic of the sport.

Marcos del Pilar

Future Growth of Padel in the US

As more people and investors discover this exciting sport, we can expect exponential growth across different states.

According to Google Trends, the interest in padel in the United States is growing week by week as more users across the country wants to learn how to get started.

We’ve already seen development projects that have incredible prospects.

Unfortunately, there’ll be no World Padel Tour or Premier Padel tournaments hosted in the US in 2023 despite the success in Miami 2022.

We hope it returns in 2024 or that the Pro Padel League can fill that gap!

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