Best Padel Rackets for Intermediate Players (2023)

Playing with the better players or even pros has motivated us even more to be the best we can be, which means finding the best racket for intermediate players, which is the level I think most players would consider themselves.

Choosing the right Padel racket is a critical step on your journey to becoming a formidable player. It can significantly influence your performance, giving you the edge you need to outperform your opponents.

As an intermediate player, you require a racket that will not only offer the perfect blend of power and control but also help you refine your skills and ascend to the next level.

One standout option in the market is the Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023. This racket has become a go-to for many professional players, thanks to its remarkable blend of power and balance.

Its 6K carbon and EVA rubber core provide a comfortable grip, making it easier to control, even for beginners. Despite being quite an advanced padel racket, it’s forgiving to newcomers with its large diamond-shaped surface, which aids in mastering balance and control.

If you’re budget conscious but unwilling to compromise on quality, the BatZoom Padel Racket is a fantastic choice.

Despite its affordable price tag, it boasts high-quality materials and features commonly found in higher-priced models. Its carbon fiber frame is highly durable, capable of withstanding intense play. Coupled with its large sweet spot and even balance system, this racket generates power that can easily rival more expensive models.

Let’s dive deeper into our list and explore more exceptional Padel rackets suited for intermediate players!

The 5 Best Padel Rackets for Intermediate Players

Finding the best padel racket for intermediate players was a challenging task. Although there’s a wide selection, not all offer the best power and performance.

We’ve searched high and low to ensure you find the best choice in the market for a price you’re willing to pay.

Let’s get started!

1. Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control – Best overall

The Vertex 03 control is one of the best round rackets we’ve played with. This racket features many improvements from its predecessors, and we’re thoroughly impressed with its offers.

This low-balance round racket lets you control the game and hit balls with more power. 

We’ve learned from my fellow players I can add weights to the grip for more control, which I was fully satisfied with.

Even an average player can have a blast mastering their technique with this racket. You can master different types of playing styles to get you closer to a win!

However, you must remember that this has a heavier weight range than those ideal for beginners, which is around 340 to 360 grams.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control product image

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control

  • Lightweight
  • Carbon fiber build
  • Round for easier usage while in defence


  • High ball power
  • Lightweight but powerful racket
  • Durable carbon fiber build 
  • Big round shaped racket for bigger surface area


  • Not recommended for players who want a heavier racket

2. NOX MJ10 Atomik Twins – Best value

Thanks to its impressive design and features, the NOX MJ10 has become a crowd favorite among intermediate players.

It’s one of the best diamond-shaped rackets you can get today, and here’s why.

Its large sweet spot is perfect for creating more power and balance, even during an intense game. It’s suitable for offensive players, who never want to miss a ball during a match.

We also noticed how this racket lessens vibrations, unlike similarly priced rackets for intermediate players.

NOX MJ10 Atomik Twins product image

NOX MJ10 Atomik Twins

  • Great durability
  • Recommended for offensive players looking to own the net position
  • Great overall


  • Diamond shaped surface
  • Impressive racket durability
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Recommended for offensive players


  • Takes some time to control

3. BatZoom racket – Best budget choice

It’s no secret that rackets are expensive; it’s practically an investment!

Imagine our delight when we chanced upon the BatZoom padel, which comes at an affordable price tag without compromising quality and features.

From its feel alone, we can already tell this racket is made of high-quality materials. Its carbon fiber frame is highly durable, and it can withstand any beating when put to the test.

Couple it with its large sweet spot and even balance system; your racket can generate power that can easily match expensive models.

BatZoom Padel racket product image

BatZoom Padel Racket

  • Medium balance
  • Great budget option
  • Big sweet spot


  • Medium balance system
  • Combination of power and control
  • Great playability and large surface
  • EVA foam core and carbon fiber frame


  • Feels budget

4. Babolat Counter Viper / Technical Viper – Best round shape racket

From a mile away, you can spot this striking round racket. Its bright neon color certainly pops, making it an eye candy to play with. 

But this round-shaped racket isn’t all about looks because it can certainly perform. Both advanced and professional players will have a blast experiencing more power from this racket. 

The handle grips are very comfortable, letting you control the racket with relative ease. It features spin blade technology, ensuring your ball strikes fast and hard across the court.

However, you must remember that this has a heavier weight range than those ideal for beginners, which is around 340 to 360 grams.

Babolat Counter Viper 23 product image

Babolat Counter Viper

  • Spin blade tech built in
  • Great for fast balls and aggressive plays
  • Babolat known for quality


  • Sports a spin blade technology
  • Durable carbon fiber racket frame
  • Large round shape head
  • 3K carbon outer and inner core 


  • Tricky for beginners to get used too

5. Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 – Best diamond-shaped rackets

The Adidas Metalbone padel racket has become one of the go-to’s of professional players, and nearly all rackets within its line are a combination of power and balance. Always endorsed by WPT players such as Ale Galan and Alex Ruiz, Adidas has really gotten to become a brand to be recognized with in this space.

All that’s left for you to do is master a technique you’ll be comfortable playing with.

Its 6K carbon and EVA rubber core gives the racket a comfortable grip, making it easier to control. 

This racket is pretty forgiving to a beginner, despite being an advanced padel racket. Its large diamond shape surface is pretty large to help beginners master their balance and control.

Remember that this has a heavier weight range than those ideal for beginners (and possibly intermediate players), which is around 340 to 360 grams.

Adidas Metalbone Carbon 2023 product image

Adidas Metalbone Carbon

  • Incredible grip
  • Diamond shape
  • 6k carbon and EVA rubber core


  • Highly durable frame 
  • Comes from one of the best lines of rackets in the world
  • Adequate diamond shape head
  • Comfortable grip


  • Unassuming design

Factors to consider when choosing the best padel rackets for intermediate players

In our quest to find the best padel racket for intermediate players, there are a few factors we kept in mind.

It helped us score the best intermediate rackets, perfect for the upcoming player to play with.

“Find The Padel Racket for YOU!” by The Padel School on YouTube.

1. Balance

Padel racket shapes and their respective balance and power vs control
Padel racket shapes and their respective balance and power vs control

Balance deals with the weight distribution of your padel racket, starting from the tip of the padel and down to the grip. 

In general, there are three balance categories to take note of: low, medium, and high balance. 

Low balance

A low-balanced padel racket is ideal for beginners because it provides a more comfortable grip, making it easy to maneuver around. 

It offers a good combination between control and power without straining yourself too much. 

Medium balanced

A medium balance provides an even weight distribution, which makes it an ideal padel racket for intermediate players. 

You can expect a good game performance, especially for those who prefer to make the attacks than take the offensive.

High balance

A higher balance racket is perfect for advanced players because they’re harder to swing and grip than other rackets. 

They tend to be heavier than most rackets, which makes it difficult to hit balls across the net.

You’ll need to dedicate a few sessions before getting used to this racket before you play on the court. 

2. Weight

Before buying a racket, ensure its weight is something you’re comfortable holding. It can affect how you control and hit your racket.

Some prefer a lighter racket to a heavier one. This is one of the secrets advanced players always have in their back pockets.

3. Thickness

Thickness deals with the grip of your racket. You might think a thinner grip would be better, but not always.

In general, we would recommend choosing a handle you’re comfortable holding even after you play for hours.

Frequently asked questions about intermediate padel rackets

How much does a good intermediate-level racket cost?

A good padel racket comes in different price points ranging from $150 to $250. So regardless of how much you’re willing to spend, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect padel racket. 

What shape of the racket should intermediate-level players get?

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding the shape of the padel racket for intermediate players. At the end of the day, it boils down to comfort and your preferences. Round rackets are ideal for those who want padel racket control. Diamond shape is perfect for giving more power and offense.

A Recap of our Top Picks

Best Budget Choice – BatZoom Padel Tennis Racket

Who says you can’t have the best padel racket even if you’re working with a budget?

This racket sports awesome features and packs a ton of power which an intermediate player will enjoy during their game.

Best Value – NOX MJ10 Atomik Twins

This diamond-shaped racket is perfect for beginners who want to master their playing technique.

You can make your money shots each time you hit the ball. You can score some serious points when you play.

Best Overall – Bullpadel Vertex 03 Control

Topping our list of the best padel racket for intermediate players is this Bullpadel Vertex 03 control.

Its materials come with outstanding durability that’s hard to beat. What better way to master the sport than having a round racket that knows no limits?

“The BEST Padel Racket For Intermediate Players 2023!” by EverythingPadel on YouTube.


Whether you’re new to Padel or looking to elevate your game, there’s never been a better time to embrace this captivating sport.

It’s not only an excellent stress-buster, but it also provides a platform to continually improve and eventually match skills with more advanced players.

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful. Your feedback is always appreciated – we’d love to hear about the type of Padel racket that suits your style.

Are you seeking a racket that delivers powerful strikes, or is your game more about balance and control? Remember, the right racket can significantly enhance your performance on the court. Happy Padel playing!

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