Best NOX Padel Racket To Buy In 2022

Padel is an exciting sport and a great way to get some casual exercise. Padel, or Padel tennis, is a variant of tennis one could argue. Padel is played on a smaller, semi-enclosed court with rackets that don’t have any strings. 

This form of tennis is popular for people who are struggling to master the technique required to use a proper tennis racket.

Since there are walls around the court, you can be more tactical about where you place the ball.

This often leads to a more interesting and strategic game that relies on skill rather than brute force. 

If you want to give padel a go, then the first thing you will need is a padel racket.

Instead of strings, these rackets are made from a solid sheet of plastic composite that is often perforated to make it easier to swing.

NOX (NOX Sport) makes some of the best padel rackets you can buy, and in this article we will be looking at some of the best models they have to offer. 

Our Top Pick: NOX ML10 Pro Cup 

Nox ML10 Pro Cup

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup is a classic padel racket that has been designed to provide players with all the features they could possibly want.

This racket is used by famous padel player Miguel Lamperti and over the years has garnered a strong reputation as a simple yet effective tool on the court.

Everything about this product is designed to provide maximum comfort and control over the ball. 

It has a head weight of 375g, which is ideal for beginners as well as experienced players. Thanks to the low weight, you can swing this racket around for longer sessions without wearing out your arm in the process.

The handle also has a soft grip that makes it very comfortable to hold and use.

There is the normal safety strap located at the bottom of the handle, which can be wrapped around your wrist to make sure you don’t drop your racket while you are playing. 

Notable Features 

It’s easy to see why the NOX ML10 Pro cup is such a popular choice among players.

For a start, its popularity with notable padel players makes it an instantly recognizable model in NOX’s line up.

The other reason for its incredible success is how forgiving it is.

A forgiving racket is one that is designed to make it easier to direct the ball where you want it to go, even if your technique isn’t perfect. 

This padel racket has several features that make it extremely forgiving, which means it will send the ball where you want it, even on mishits.

For a start, it has a very large sweet spot, which is the most effective area on the face of the racket for hitting the ball.

The large sweet spot means that you can hit the ball almost anywhere on the face of the racket and rely on it to travel in the right direction. 

Another thing that makes this racket very forgiving is its 100% carbon frame that soaks up impacts from the ball.

The frame material crosses over into the edges of the face to ensure that your racket won’t break if you hit the ball with the edges. 

As well as making the racket more durable, this frame material removes any unwanted vibrations caused while hitting the ball.

Normally, these vibrations would travel down the handle and wear your arm out more while you play.

For the ML10 Pro Cup, these vibrations are absorbed by the frame, transferring more energy to the ball and making the racket more comfortable to play with for long sessions. 

To further improve the feel of the racket while playing, it has a core made from HR3 rubber.

This core allows you to transfer even more power to the ball to send it further across the court at much higher speeds.

The face of the racket itself is made from fiberglass with a metallized finish.

This choice of material makes the rackets more durable and also flexes while hitting the ball to offer better forgiveness.

Different Models And Variations 

The NOX ML10 Pro Cup is one of the company’s flagship products, and still sells very well to this day.

As such, it has spawned a few variations over the years, including the black and silver editions.

For the most part, these special editions of the ML10 pro cup are exactly the same as the original. 

The black model has a slightly rougher face that has been sanded to create a better sound and feel when hitting the ball.

This coarse face actually helps to make the racket more forgiving as well, since the ball will be sent in the right direction no matter where you hit it. 

On the other hand, the silver is completely identical to the standard ML10 Pro Cup, except for the fact that it is slightly lighter.

The lower weight is intended to make this racket more suitable for women who want to take up padel tennis. 


  • Comfortable to hold with a wrist strap
  • Highly forgiving racket 
  • No unwanted vibrations when hitting the ball


  • More experienced players may want a racket that offers better ball speed

Editors Choice: Nox Limitless Control 

Nox Limitless Control

This is one of the latest rackets produced by NOX and as its name suggests it is designed to offer ultimate control over the ball.

Thanks to its incredible design, this is a great choice for beginners looking to get into padel for the first time.

That’s said, the unique design of the Limitless Control also makes it very suitable for intermediate and advanced players looking to improve their game as well.

This is another racket that is very forgiving, and you can use for long periods of time without wearing your arm out.

As with the NOX ML10 Pro Cup, there is a safety strap on the handle, which will prevent the racket flying out of your hand during play. 

Notable Features

This Racket has an all-carbon construction that makes it highly durable and powerful when hitting the ball.

The face is made from 3K silver with fiberglass added to transfer more energy from your swing into the ball.

Much like the ML10, the composition of the racket aims to remove any vibrations from hitting the ball, so less energy is wasted, and your arm won’t get tired nearly as fast. 

The limitless control has a larger sweet spot than many other padel rackets, which means that you can hit balls in different areas of the face without worrying about them going off course.

This combines with a stiffer HR3 black EVA foam core to make this racket very forgiving.

Thanks to the firmer core, you will get a great response when hitting the ball, allowing you to put more or less power into your shots as you need. 

Another thing that makes this a great racket for beginners is its low center of gravity that makes it easier to swing through the air.

It also makes the racket less likely to fall over when you’re not holding onto it properly or when you’re trying to hit a shot that requires a lot of spin. 

The surface of this racket has been specially designed to increase spin when hitting the ball.

This is a useful feature for more advanced players who want to try and pull off more complex shots.

As such, this racket is ideal for both people who want to learn how to play padel and those who want to take their game to the next level. 


  • Wrist strap to prevent the racket being easily dropped
  • Forgiving design with a large sweet spot
  • Firmer core for better ball response and more power


  • Those with strong swings may find this racket too powerful

Video review of NOX ML10 Pro Cup

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