Best Dunlop Padel Rackets To Buy In 2022

What is the best Dunlop Padel racket? Is it worth buying? What should I look out for when choosing a padel racket?

Padel rackets are the main tools used by players to hit balls. They come in various shapes and sizes, from classic wooden rackets to modern composite ones.

The choice of paddle depends on personal preference, skill level, and playing style.

When looking for a new racket, consider its size, shape, material, and price. If you want to improve your game, try using a lighter, faster, or more powerful padel racket.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a paddle is that there’s no such thing as the perfect one.

You can choose between different types of rackets based on your needs and preferences.

If you’re just starting out with padel, you may not need a heavy-duty racket. A lightweight one will be easier to swing and control.

If you’re an advanced player who wants to perform better, you might want to invest in a heavier racket. It will provide you with greater power and help you make contact with the ball at higher speeds.

So, what are the Best Dunlop Padel Rackets?

We decided to do some research and find out what makes each model special.

Our To Pick: Dunlop Sports Rapid Power 3.0 Padel

Dunlop Sports Rapid Power 2.0 Padel

This is the most expensive padel racket I’ve ever bought. It’s also pretty useless in comparison to the price unless you know what you’re doing.

This product is designed specifically for pop tennis and padel. It is not suitable for platform tennis. This is an ok intermediate padel racket!

A rough finish gives bats more power and spin. They also give them a better grip.

You should be careful when choosing your padel racket because some of them may break quite easily. The price of your padel should reflect its power and strength, so keep that in mind.

Read our full review of the Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0.


  • Has a wrist tether – that has been installed straight into the handle for your convenience.
  • Great package deal – When you buy with Dunlop padel rackets.
  • Lightweight – With all the strength and core performance.


  • Not the most cost-effective padel in comparison to what you get – Could be better.

Editors Choice: Dunlop Sports Speed Ultra Orange Padel Bat

Dunlop Sports Speed Ultra Orange Padel Bat

This padel racket features premium technology placed strategically throughout the racket head for increased stability.

This racket also provides a larger sweet spot and unmatched power. This is a weighty string with a lot of control. It feels amazing when you play.

This padel racket feels very comfortable when you play with it. You’re able to control the ball easily.

It’s also very powerful. This racket is designed for players looking for maximum control and touch.

4D braiding technology is strategically placed throughout the racket head to provide maximum stability.

Every player gets the same beautiful, technically advanced sports products. Players get to improve their skills and enjoy the games more.

Dunlop means ‘the sound of victory’ in Irish Gaelic. That’s why they call themselves Dunlop.

They entered the sports market by launching their first tennis racquet, and they started selling tires in Ireland.

Dunlop entered the tennis ball market with an improved manufacturing process.

These balls were more consistent and durable than previous models. Dunlop launched the revolutionary and iconic Max Ply tennis racket.

A model used by some of the greatest players of all time. The padel racket became the world’s most famous racket for the next years.

For the first time, there were more Dunlop rackets at Wimbledon than any others. Helen Jacobs was the first lady champion to use Dunlop rackets, obviously not in a Padel tournament, but that’s coming soon!


  • 4D graphite technologies – Racket head is improved for stability.
  • Has an oversized head – For a better sweet spot and power that is unmatched.
  • Free shipping on deals – When you buy products together!


  • Expensive – So, may want to think about it before buying.

Also available at

Best Value: Dunlop Skin Attack NH

Dunlop Skin Attack NH

A lighter head balance makes this lighter than previous versions. The weights may vary slightly due to manufacturing differences.

The lightness allows this ball to be more maneuverable and quicker around the court. Ideal for intermediate and advanced players.

A beginner needs to practice more than before. Rackets should be upgraded as soon as possible. Some beginner models are too slow and weak. You need a powerful racket to play well.

Dunlop Skin Attack NH is an engineered surface texture that helps you cut through the competition.

It makes your padel racket more durable and increases its whip power.

A conical, tapered shape provides increased racket resilience and enhances overall rigidity.

Ultra-fast skin engineered surface mimics shark skin, reducing friction and drag by up to 35%.

Reduces friction – engineering advances in the layup allows for a sharper leading edge.

Increases durability – glide polymer also strengthens the polymer matrix, increasing durability.

We love the usability of this model when playing because it’s strong but easy to use for even beginners!


  • Has great max technologies – To give more freedom of movement overall and create powerful hits.
  • Premium graphite – Construction is top of the range!
  • Great delivery details – To get the best service.


  • Outstanding performance comes with a price – Not the cheapest padel.

Also available at:

Dunlop Blitz Attack Racket

Dunlop Blitz Attack Racket

A surface that absorbs impact and maintains shape. This surface is designed to be used by padel tennis players who want to play fast without losing control or power.

Pre-strung rackets absorb impacts better than normal rackets. This allows them to be used by people who aren’t very skilled at playing padel. They also help you play more comfortably.

The Dunlop Blitz Attack gives you a fantastic padel for the game.

Using the AeroSkin textured surface, this padel racquet reduces drag, giving you increased power and even better speed with every swing.

You’ll enjoy and appreciate the smoothest and easiest swings from the brilliant carbon construction, which actually maintains the shape and feel without losing impact.

This model is designed for beginners or intermediates looking for fantastic light and especially fast padel with great flexibility.

A round rack with a low balance is recommended for those who prefer control to power.

A drop rack is good for players looking for more power and help in the offense.

Diamond-shaped racks are difficult with this because they’re difficult to maneuver.


  • Has an engineered surface – Great construction for a better game.
  • Forgiving padel racket – has a spin-friendly design.
  • Great sized padel – for an effective game.


  • Not the simplest design – may not be for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Keep In Mind When Choosing A Racket?

A beginner doesn’t need to use a beginner padel racket.

To get a better feel for the court, he should try out different rackets until he finds what feels most comfortable.

He should also practice more often than once every few days.

Beginners should avoid using beginner rackets because they make it hard to learn how to properly hit the ball.

Your racket needs to be upgraded if you’ve been using a beginner’s racket for some time.

Padel tennis is played by people who want to improve their skills.

A beginner needs to start playing with a racket that is easy to use. An experienced player can choose a racket depending on its shape and other characteristics.

A racket with a round head offers control and power in equal measures.

A racket with a drop-shaped head emphasizes power. A diamond-shaped racket emphasizes power.

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