Best Head Padel Rackets To Buy In 2022

Head is probably best known for its skis and history of great winter sport products. But in recent year, they’ve started to add more business areas to expand their reach into other sports.

One of those successful launches was when they created Head Racquet Sports, an area that now boosts an impressive arsenal of padel rackets. But what is the best Head Padel racket to buy in 2022?

Check out our top picks of Head Padel Racquets below!

Our To Pick: Head Flash Pro Padel Racquet

Head Flash Pro Paddle Racquet

Head Flash 2021 is a cheap and lightweight padel racket that is great for beginners and intermediates. It’s easy to play, and it’s very comfortable.

A padel racket has a sweet spot that sits up high. It has a comfortable feel and absorbs vibrations well.

It is made of soft foam. It has a durable design, and an integrated frame protector.

With its head press, Head Padel offers comfort, performance, and quality in every model.

Their products include the Delta and Alpha lines, which are the main models used by professional players.

These two lines include several models, ranging from the low-price line to the high-end models.

Paddle Head Flash 2019 is a new model that combines powerful features with an innovative design and a reasonable price.

This head padel racket is made with a carbon frame, and it has a flexible chassis. It offers a great feeling when you hit the ball.

This head flash shovel is made of plastic and foam. It weighs 0.9 pounds and measures 9.5 inches long.

This head flash is an excellent model to improve your game.

It is lightweight and very well-balanced. It allows you to get more distance and accuracy with your shot.

It also helps you to finish faster and with greater power and is one of the best options for this year for those who want to save money.

The Flash series racquet is designed for intermediate players who want to improve their game.

Racquets are made with softer foam, which reduces vibrations.

This shovel has an optimized sweet spot. This shovel has a smart bridge.

This paddle racket is made of high-quality materials and features a great design.

This racquet is made from Head’s own innovation, and it offers unmatched comfort and feels.


  • The racket is lightweight – Extremely maneuverable.
  • Sturdy shape and structure – For ease of use.
  • Can help you to improve your game overall – For a winner’s attitude!


  • Expensive racket – definitely something to consider before buying.

Editors Choice: HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr UL Padel

HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr UL Padel

Maneuverability was a key factor in the graphene 360 padel. Players loved how easily you could hit the ball and return it.

The padel racket was comfortable to hold and played well. Some players had problems with stability, but overall, the racquet performed well.

The Hybrid String Setup offers comfort while stealing away some feel.

Players who use the Hybrid String Set-Up will enjoy the crisp response of the frame. Netters will appreciate the Control and Power of the padel.

Maneuverability appears many times when using this racket.

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Whether it is hitting ground strokes, returning serves, or volleying, the maneuverability of this padel racket is appreciated and extremely praised by all players.

The overall comfort was high and there were a few stability issues with certain shots, but the general feeling was enjoyable for most players.

All in all, the racket’s stability and the power issue did not deter our main tester from enjoying the racket, comforts, and level of play.

The Extreme graphene is a fast and maneuverable racket at the net. It offers an excellent feel and control. It feels comfortable and stable.

The players loved the maneuverability of the racquet. They enjoyed the ability to take huge slices and powerful topspin returns.

They also appreciated the ease of changing directions while serving.

However, they did notice that the racquet would twist in their hands and become unstable when hitting balls out of the sweet spot.

This affected their ability to generate power and control the ball, however, it is big and allows you to hit your shots with precision.

It offers a softer feel than the Volkl, while still having a bit more power than the Head.

The sweet spot is larger than either of those two frames, and the control is similar. We loved how flexible this racket was to use for multiple games.



  • Could have more weight to them – to increase stability.

Best Value: Head Genesis Padel Racket – Green And Black

Head Genesis Padel Racket - Green and Black

A padel racket should be light, thin, and comfortable to use.

This padel is heavy, thick, and uncomfortable to hold. It’s very comfortable, but stiff enough to be powerful. Our team really enjoyed using this racquet.

Head Genesis technology is used to create the new Alpha pro padel racket.

A special material is positioned over the IBS2 to ensure better durability and superior scratch resistance.

This product has a striking design. It has a soft fiberglass face. It’s very comfortable and manageable.

It has a head shape that makes it easy to control. This racket is made by Head, and it shows a great amount of control and precision when hitting the ball.

It also feels comfortable in your hands, and it gives you more power than other rackets.

Head Genesis is the racket choice of World Padel Tour’s top player, Sanyo Gutierrez.

A racket made out of graphene is lighter than titanium, but it still feels as if you’re hitting something solid.

This racket has an improved design compared to the previous model, but it doesn’t seem to be any different from the original.

This racket is very light and comfortable to use. It has a great feel. It’s easy to learn how to play tennis with it.

This is a racket for professional players who want to stand out in paddle sports.

Made of graphene carbon, this racket is stronger than any other. It is a tear racket.

We loved how our experienced players and advanced players were able to play with ease, so overall, this racket is a racket for players all around!

This is a great-looking paddle racket with its sober and classic design.

The first sensation when playing this paddle tennis racket is that it’s an easier-to-play and more balanced racket than others.

Genesis is a very nice racket for beginners who want to learn how to play tennis. It’s easy to use and gives you great control over your shots.


  • Comes with extra support – For the wrists and overall conformability.
  • Excellent playing abilities – To enhance your performance.
  • Seamless racket – Feels like second nature to hold and perform with.


  • May not deliver to specific countries – may need to check this before purchasing.

“Zephyr Pro, Zephyr & Zephyr UL – HEAD padel” by HEAD Padel on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose A Good Beginner’s Padel Racket?

When you play padel, you need to be careful not to strain your wrists. A beginner’s padel racket should be light and relatively soft. Make sure it has a large sweet spot. Add more over-grips if needed.
If you’re a beginner, the best method for discovering the best racket for you out there is to try them out in person and develop a feel for what is the most comfortable.

How Do I Choose An Expensive Padel Racket?

Premium rackets are often used by top players because they’re designed to enhance your game.

How Do I Choose The Best Racket Overall For Control?

Control rackets are generally easier than offensive rackets. However, they vary in difficulty. If you want to avoid injury, then you should go for a softer racket. But if you want more control, then a hard racket is recommended. To really be able to tell what the best control is for a padel racket is, you’ll need to test the racket yourself!

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