Highlights from the Global Padel Report (2022)

A few weeks ago, Playtomic and Deloitte (Monitor Deloitte) released a massive 115 pages report labelled Global Padel Report. The report, focuses on the growth of the sport from both a leisure and professional perspective and shows a lot of interesting points.

In the introduction of the report, Martita Ortega and Fernando “Bela” Balasteguin speaks about how they got started with playing padel. Even though the report is labelled as global, the US is hardly mentioned, probably because of its relative growth to pickleball in the US.

In this article, we’ll give you the most important highlights from the report.

Best Wilson Padel Racket To Buy In 2022

Stepping into a sports store, or even looking online, customers are met with a huge amount of choices. It can be difficult to know what to look for and often we look for reliable brands and household names but still are met with a large array of products.

Below we look at the 8 best Wilson padel rackets that are currently on the market to help you find the perfect racket for you.

Our team has tried and tested a huge number of padel rackets and the following eight choices are firm favorites within the Wilson selection. 

Pickleball vs. Paddle Tennis (Pop Tennis) vs. Padel: What’s the Difference?

Pickleball, paddle tennis, and Padel are three racket sports that have been more popular lately. At first appearance, these three sports appear to be extremely similar.

Other similar sports that use racquets and tennis balls include Padel Ball, Beach Tennis, Squash, etc.

The Best Padel Bags of 2023: Impress Your Opponents

Are you in search of a padel bag that suits you?

For a sport as fun as padel, you would need a bag that guarantees protection to your racket and gives you enough space to store your essentials.

This article has got all you need to know about its racket bag, from the different types of padel bags to the benefits to the brands that offer the top ones.

In the end, we hope that you become enlightened in finding the best padel bag for the best experience and convenience. Good luck!

How to Choose the Best Padel Shoes: A Fundamental Guide on Why You Need Padel Shoes

As Padel grows in popularity, more and more brands produce specific sports shoes for Padel to minimize the risk of injury and provide exceptional comfort to new players.

Like a padel racket and ball, the right shoes will give a padel player an advantage, keep their feet and joints safe, and help them excel and prosper at their chosen sport.

Let’s look at some of the highest-quality shoes for male and female padel players.

When choosing padel shoes, consider the kind of sole used, the amount of support offered, how soft yet stable it is, and what brands make the best footwear.

These tips will help you to up your game, whether you’re playing at the local padel court or the World Padel Tour.

How to Build a Padel Court

Padel is a major sport worldwide, and it is gaining popularity in the United States (with Miami being a great HUB and New York soon coming onboard with padel courts).

Often known as padel tennis, it’s a popular social sport that individuals of all ages and skills may enjoy.

You may be unsure about the best method to follow when planning to create a padel court or start a club. This post will show you how to accomplish it one step at a time.

Padel courts will almost certainly require a building permit. However, this depends on the nation and region. Before you begin, make sure to verify with your local authorities.

Best Padel Rackets For Advanced Players 2022

We have selected the best advanced player padel rackets for you. With them, you’ll be able to lift your game higher and challenge even stronger opponents! 

For detailed information on racket shapes, balance, weights and much more, check out our padel racket guide for advanced players below and don’t forget to read our other padel reviews.

Best Padel Racket Brands For Amateur Players

If you’re new to Padel and looking for your next racket, look no further! There are several brands of padel rackets available in the market to look at.

We have made your choices much more simple, by putting together the best padel racket brands that amateur players should be looking at. Let’s go!

Padel is coming to New York!

Where to play Padel in NY, US?

Restaurateur Santiago Gomez, co-founder of restaurants Cosme and ATLA signs lease of warehouse in South Williamsburg to create Padel Haus – New York’s first padel club and padel venue.

There’s also signs of The Padel Club NY opening, but no real information in terms of facts as New Yorkers get excited and prepared.

The potential for padel is tremendous

Santiago Gomez

The ever growing sport of padel is finally coming to New York in the US. It seems only right that it’s a man of Mexican origin that is bringing the world of padel to New York back from his home country.

It’s said that Padel as a sport originated in 1969 in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco which is exactly where Santiago Gomez stayed during the covid pandemic to get the idea of bringing padel to NY.

As padel continues to grow, make sure to read our complete coverage of the growth of padel in the US.

Best Head Padel Rackets To Buy In 2022

Head is probably best known for its skis and history of great winter sport products. But in recent year, they’ve started to add more business areas to expand their reach into other sports.

One of those successful launches was when they created Head Racquet Sports, an area that now boosts an impressive arsenal of padel rackets. But what is the best Head Padel racket to buy in 2022?

Check out our top picks of Head Padel Racquets below!