Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023 Review

A padel racket that perfectly fits advanced and elite athletes is rare, but once we saw the diamond-shaped Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023, we knew it was the right one.

Its AVS technology, dynamic composite structure, oversized grip technology, and multilayered Black EVA Core material redefine what padel racket structure, strength, security, comfort, and maximum power could look like.

However, this professional padel racket, designed for offensive players, has a few downsides, particularly its small upper sweet spot.

To get fully acquainted with your next padel racket companion, read this Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023 review!

Padel Racket Straps – Why You Should Change Them

For experienced padel players, the racket wrist strap is an essential accessory for comfort and stability. But when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, replacing it can seem like a daunting task.

Daunting might be aggressive here, but it really is one of those things that recreational players seldom get around to changing. Much like grips.

To make the process easier, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the best materials for your new racket wrist strap as well as how to replace and maintain it properly if you’re interested!

From selecting the right size and material to installing it securely, we’ll cover each step so that you can get back in the game with a top-notch wrist strap that won’t let you down.

Enhance your grip with 4on totalgrip

Are you sweaty or have trouble getting a good grip on the rack? If so, try this product, which immediately gives you maximum grip! I didn’t believe it worked until I tried it myself. It is 🤯!

4on TotalGrip spray is a cutting-edge non-slip product that prevents hand sweat from making your top grip slippery and is ideal for use in wet, sweaty, hot conditions.

Spray the product directly onto the grip of your padel racket, a little at a time, until you achieve the desired effect.

Read on to learn how this product will revolutionize your game too.

Adidas Adipower Multiweight Control 2023 Alex Ruiz Review

The Adipower range is back in an exciting way with the Adidas Adipower Multiweight Control 2023.

As the latest evolution of Alex Ruiz’s racket, the Adidas Adipower Multiweight Control padel racket is among the most advanced in the Adidas 2023 series.

Adipower returns in 2023 with a new custom balance system technology that allows players to modify the weight of the racket to suit their game (as compared to the Adipower 2022 or the Multiweight 2023 versions).

Adidas’ new racket is built with a carbon construction that ensures durability while remaining comfortable to use thanks to its EVA High-Performance memory rubber core.

Take full control with the Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL padel.

What is the North American Pro Padel League (PPL)?

Padel league is the world’s fastest-growing sport, especially in Latin America and throughout most of Europe. Mexican business owner Enrique Corcuera founded the sport in Mexico in 1969.

As the sport progressed over the years, it has been introduced to different countries, including Spain, the Nordics, US, and Canada.

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is North America’s first Professional Padel League (similar to WPT) and it is excited to bring everyone the fastest-growing sport in the world to a wider audience in North America.

How will the league work and how does it operate? Let’s dig into the details we know so far!

Where to play Padel in North Carolina, US?

The time has come to take a closer look at the Padel landscape in North Carolina. With the recent surge in popularity of this racquet sport in the US, you can already find a few places to get your Padel fix in North Carolina.

While a lot of local players are waiting for the new flagship location of SWING to open up in Raleigh, North Carolina, there are actually two other locations that already offer Padel courts rental, lessons, and local tournaments.

Charlotte Padel Club and North Hills Club both have a selection of padel courts already playable and are listed as official USPA clubs.

Read on to learn about their prices and what type of offerings they have.

Where to play Padel in Pennsylvania, US?

Are there any clubs where I can play padel in Pennsylvania? Of course! We continue our guides of the best places to play Padel in the US. With New York, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Miami done and dusted, PA’s up!

There are currently three USPA clubs to play padel at in Pennsylvania; PADELphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club (PCC), and Merion Cricket Club.

As you can hear from the names, PADELphia is your best bet for an exceptional padel-experience, whereas the other two started with Cricket and are expanding.

Funnily enough, we haven’t been able to find any information as to whether the PCC and Merion actually have padel courts, it seems that their main offering is primarily pickleball and platform tennis.

However, if you’re passionate about padel and don’t mind a bit of travel, PADELphia is the place to be! They offers lessons, tournaments, as well as clinics for both kids and adults.

Where to play Padel in California, US?

As Padel continues to grow in the US, we continue our in-depth guide of the best places to play Padel in the United States. With New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Miami done and dusted, the turn has now come to zoom in on California!

There are currently two USPA places to play padel in California; Taktika Padel and South End Racquet and Health Club, but we expect many more to be built and registered before 2023 has come to an end.

These clubs enjoy a total of 5 courts (all doubles) and the prices range from $8 to $15 per person and hour depending on time of day and club.

Both clubs offer their courts to both beginners or experienced players which is great for the game of padel and its development in the US.

Read on to find out where you should go to enjoy a great game of Padel in California.

The Different Shots of Padel Explained

Have you grown some interest in playing padel lately? Are you an amateur tired of using the most overrated padel shots on the court? Are you already sick of the same old predictable shots you’ve been throwing?

Maybe it’s already time to crank up your gameplay! To do that, you must master the basic shots of padel while throwing advanced tricks at your rival.

Don’t fret if you have zero knowledge of padel shots. After reading this article, you’ll know how to hit the ball on the court like a World Padel Tour player!

Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 Review

Whether you’re just starting with padel or is one of the more occasional players, the Dunlop Rapid Power 3.0 padel racket is a great option to consider when you’re buying your first paddle!

This racket is designed for comfort, power, and control to help you learn and develop the skills needed and create your own playing style.

It’s teardrop shaped and has medium balance for easy of use and stability, switching between attacking and defending to control tempo of games. Read our full review and test!