BatZoom Padel Tennis Racket Review

The first step to becoming a great player in padel is establishing good balance, learning control, and selecting the right padel racket.

As a new padel player, having the BatZoom padel racquet infused with great quality materials helps provide extra power and pro-control.

However, though the racket best works for beginners, some advanced players may find the racket dragging. Yet, this racket’s power and control do not affect the game quality.

Discover its features, compositions, and why the racket is worth having in this BatZoom Padel review.

Main features of BatZoom Padel Tennis Racket

BatZoom padel racket product image

BatZoom Padel Racket

  • Unique heart-shape provides bigger sweet spot and better balance
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Soft EVA Foam Core for high power
  • EVA foam core provides great ball release and high comfort
  • The high-quality material of the carbon fiber frame and racket’s surface provides extra power
  • The new heart shape design provides a comfortable grip for players
  • The 4 1/4 BatZoom grip size gives the paddle tennis racket good maneuverability
  • Padel bag included, with an adjustable strap and cushion pad so they’re easier to bring

Specification of BatZoom Padel Racket

Below are the BatZoom padel racket main specifications:

Main specs:

  • Brand: BZ BatZoom
  • Player level: Beginner
  • Shape: Heart 
  • Weight: ‎510 grams
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber

Composition specs:

  • Core Composition: EVA foam Core
  • Frame Composition: Carbon Fiber
  • Surface Composition: Carbon Fiber

Our review of BatZoom Padel Racket

Every master was once a beginner, and we believe that to become great in padel, you’ll need equipment that suits your needs and helps establish initial strengths.

This racket’s heart shape, EVA core, and carbon fiber compositions provide great power for defense during the match (which pros must not underestimate).

This EVA core, characterized by its soft touch and balance, allows a power stroke. With this, a balance between power and ball output is sought.

This is an “ok” quality racket for beginners and it’s available in different stores (with some offering good manufacturer warranty).


  • Carbon-infused frame for hardness and strength
  • Shock-absorbent handle with non-slip grip
  • Bigger sweet spot for balance and control
  • Enhanced aerodynamics with new hole drilling tech


  • Low balance compared to other padel racket shapes

What level of player is the BatZoom Padel Racket best for?

The BatZoom padel racket was created for beginners based on everything we have assessed.

Here are the following features that make it beginner-friendly:

  • A bigger sweet spot creates bigger ball space for a surer hit
  • Reduces risk from injuries due to its low balance — but it’s better than round shapes
  • Comfortable grip with shock absorbent handle
  • Carbon fiber frame for firmness
  • A paddle racquet bag (waterproof carrying bag) is included, so new players don’t have to spend more buying a bag

Is BatZoom Padel Racket best for attacking or defensive players?

The BatZoom Padel Tennis Racket is best for defensive players because it is simple to use and more forgiving than for instance a more pro NOX or Babolat branded racket.

Catching and sending balls back deep in the court and navigating them are made easier by its heart-shaped design and biggest sweet spot feature.

In this review

BatZoom padel racket product image

BatZoom Padel Racket

  • Unique heart-shape provides bigger sweet spot and better balance
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Soft EVA Foam Core for high power


The most important aspects when it comes to selecting a padel racket are the level you’re playing as well as your style.

If you are a player who wants to work on your defensive side, then a round or heart-shaped racket will work best for you due to its wider sweet spot.

Easy and manageable for most beginners, this racket has a paddle racquet bag included, which makes it the best value pick too. Overall, it’s a cheap and “ok” quality racket that offers great value.

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