How to Kick Smash in Padel (How to Smash the Ball Out of Court in Padel)

Anyone who’s played Padel will know or have seen videos of the kick smash. This versatile shot can be used to close the point but is also incredibly difficult to get right.

Once you’ve mastered hitting this difficult shot, you’ll be one step closer to beating any opponent on the court.

We’ve listed a few Padel smash tips to help you add more spin to your kick smash to have the best chance of the ball flying out of the court, killing the point (more or less).

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Where to play Padel in Texas, US?

Padel has come to the US like a thunderstorm, giving real competition to the historically more popular pickleball. Coast-to-coast, Padel has become popular in places like Miami, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York, but there’s also a plethora of padel courts available across Texas.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, read on to find out where you should go to enjoy a great game of Padel in Texas.

Serving Rules Padel

Service in padel is not as noteworthy compared to that of tennis. However, practicing the right way to serve the ball is still CRUCIAL in every padel match.

A good serve would help your team take advantage of the net position or even score a point by producing an ace. It’s also the shot that dictates the ball’s direction, spin, and trajectory.

In turn, you have the upper hand in forcing your opponents to press themselves at the back glass. You also have the power to dictate the shot that they’ll use for easy returns.

How padel players serve the ball is quite different from tennis players.

In tennis, you launch the ball up in the air before you serve. But, in padel, you only need to bounce and strike the ball, and you can only do it via an underarm serve.

Another thing to note with padel service is the lines. It’s important to keep your feet behind the service line and not cross the imaginary central line.

You must also hit the ball diagonally towards your opponent’s service box.

These are the BASIC things you must know about a padel serve. But, there are many things to note for you to improve that serve.

Stick with us as we discuss more about padel service. We’ll help you get on the move in your following games.

What is an Ace in Padel, and how do I achieve it?

Like Tennis, Padel also understands the concept of Aces, which is when a player cannot return to their opponents’ service.

True aces, or aces where the opponent can’t even reach the ball, are possible. The best part is, you can train your services to achieve aces just like the pro players (when facing an amateur).

It just takes PRACTICE and the RIGHT TECHNIQUE.

Let’s look at the best ways to achieve an ace in Padel.

We’ll go over the proper techniques, strategies, and angle you will need to ensure that your Padel service goes where you want it to.