Padel Racket Straps – Why You Should Change Them

For experienced padel players, the racket wrist strap is an essential accessory for comfort and stability. But when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, replacing it can seem like a daunting task.

Daunting might be aggressive here, but it really is one of those things that recreational players seldom get around to changing. Much like grips.

To make the process easier, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you find the best materials for your new racket wrist strap as well as how to replace and maintain it properly if you’re interested!

From selecting the right size and material to installing it securely, we’ll cover each step so that you can get back in the game with a top-notch wrist strap that won’t let you down.

Where to play Padel in North Carolina, US?

The time has come to take a closer look at the Padel landscape in North Carolina. With the recent surge in popularity of this racquet sport in the US, you can already find a few places to get your Padel fix in North Carolina.

While a lot of local players are waiting for the new flagship location of SWING to open up in Raleigh, North Carolina, there are actually two other locations that already offer Padel courts rental, lessons, and local tournaments.

Charlotte Padel Club and North Hills Club both have a selection of padel courts already playable and are listed as official USPA clubs.

Read on to learn about their prices and what type of offerings they have.

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 Review

The NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2022 is one of the most iconic rackets because it is used by one of the greatest players of all time in the World Padel Tour, Miguel Lamperti.

However, is it the best padel racket in the world today? Which player is the padel racket for? Is it intended for amateurs or professional players?

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series 2022 padel racket is the new edition of its legendary predecessor, the ML10 PRO CUP.

Read on for our full test and review.

Babolat Counter Veron 2022 Review

The Babolat Counter Veron Padel racket offers users more dynamic power because of its durable yet lightweight construction, making it a more maneuverable racket on the court. Suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

The Counter Veron Babolat 2022 padel racket may be one of the last items you’ll need to buy, thanks to how ergonomic, aerodynamic, and excellent it is. It’s durable, that’s for sure.

You won’t be replacing it for a long, long time!

Bullpadel Indiga CTR 22 Review

The Bullpadel Indiga Control 22 is an ultra-light padel racket designed for amateur and intermediate players who want to improve their level of play.

The Indiga CTR 2022 padel racket has everything you want for a starter racket, an ultralight design, a round head shape for maximum control, and a frame that can last you a lifetime.

It has a perfect balance of features, making it a great racket and rivaling some of the best rackets within the price range.

Cork Padel Light III Review

The Cork Padel Light III is a balanced padel racket with the right amount of power, control, comfort, handling, and durability.

This cork padel racket is recommended for beginners and advanced players whose physical structure does not allow excessive weights.

This padel racket stands out for its improved comfort and mobility due to its lower balance and reduced weight.

Read on to see if this is the padel racket you need!

Best NOX Padel Racket To Buy In 2022

Padel is an exciting sport and a great way to get some casual exercise. Padel, or Padel tennis, is a variant of tennis one could argue. Padel is played on a smaller, semi-enclosed court with rackets that don’t have any strings. 

This form of tennis is popular for people who are struggling to master the technique required to use a proper tennis racket.

Since there are walls around the court, you can be more tactical about where you place the ball.

This often leads to a more interesting and strategic game that relies on skill rather than brute force. 

If you want to give padel a go, then the first thing you will need is a padel racket.

Instead of strings, these rackets are made from a solid sheet of plastic composite that is often perforated to make it easier to swing.

NOX (NOX Sport) makes some of the best padel rackets you can buy, and in this article we will be looking at some of the best models they have to offer. 

Which side should I play in Padel

Knowing your side on the padel court is detrimental to determining whether you play aggressively or defensively.

Most players who play padel encounter common problems on which side they should play. Is it the left-hand side and left shoulder? Or the right-arm side and right shoulder?

If I’m left-handed, should I always play on the right side allowing my forehand and bandeja to be towards the middle?

If you want to learn more about which side of the court you “should” play, read on!

Adidas Adipower 3.1 2022 (Seba Nerone) Review

A padel racket like the Adidas Adipower 3.1 is an elite choice of equipment as it’s specially designed by Seba Nerone (link in Spanish), a retired five-time former world number 1 padel player.

The Adidas Adipower 3.1 is a good padel racket with Spin Blade, Smart Holes Curve, and Dual Exoskeleton technologies, responsible for greater rigidity, maximum comfort, and power.

However, as good as it is for offense, it may be less potent in defense. Yet, it’s not a big deal since the Adipower 3.1 padel racket is for advanced and expert players.

As you read through our review of the Adidas Adipower 3.1 2022 racquet, you’ll learn more about this model, its features, composition, and our first impressions! 

X-Grip Padel vs. Hesacore: Which Is Better?

Great grips changes the entire padel game. You may not think much of it, but the wrong grip will throw you off guard, decrease power, and make you prone to error.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, using a grip is an added help for a better game. The most known ones are X-Grip and Hesacore grip. The question is, which one should you use?