Drop Shot Allegra (Ambition) 1.0 Review

Drop Shot Allegra 1.0 is a multi padel racket designed with the Ambition line in mind, developed exclusively by Drop Shot.

It is made for intermediate-level players who enjoy hitting the ball hard but also have a lot of control, touch, and amazing features. One of the ambassadors for Drop Shot is WPT player Juan Martin Díaz who has enjoyed playing with the Drop Shot Allegra 1.0.

The premium Carbon 3000, for its higher strength and durability, is one of the technologies that enable this racket to last.

Take a look at the Drop Shot Allegra 1.0 review provided for you.

Main features of Drop Shot Allegra Padel Racket

The Drop Shot Allegra 1.0

Drop Shot Allegra

  • With Cork grip and Eva Tech core gives incredible cushioning
  • Technology that significantly reduces vibrations
  • Great elasticity
  • The 3D rough touch on the racket’s faces is a new aspect of this model.
  • With Cork grip and Eva Tech core gives incredible cushioning
  • The planes of the Drop Shot Allegra padel racket are rugged
  • Both in terms of offense and defense, it provides the best performance
  • With Carbon 3000, which provides great elasticity
  • Technology that significantly reduces vibrations
“Nueva línea 𝗔𝗠𝗕𝗜𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮” by Drop Shot on YouTube.

Specification of Drop Shot Allegra

Here are the Drop Shot Allegra 1.0 (Ambition) specifications for players to consider:

Main specs:

  • Brand: Drop Shot
  • Player level: Beginner
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Weight: 360-380 grams
  • Balance: Medium
  • Frame: Doble tubular Carbono

Composition specs:

  • Core Composition: Eva Tech High Density
  • Frame Composition: Carbon fiber
  • Surface Composition: Carbono 3.000 + Cork Layer Technology +3D

Our review of Drop Shot Allegra (Ambition) Padel Racket

An overview of Drop Shot's Ambition line of padel rackets.
An overview of Drop Shot’s Ambition line of padel rackets. Image source: Drop Shot IT.

Regarding the design of the Drop Shot Allegra 1.0, we want to draw attention to how eye-catching and stylish it appears at first glance.

It is a racket in vibrant colors, including black, green, certain shades of grey, and the well-known brand emblem in orange.

It is made for players of the advanced-professional level who want control, great power, a striking design, and a reasonable price.

The Allegra is perfect for players with epicondylitis (tennis elbow) thanks to its cork sheet located between carbon and EVA, which reduces vibrations to the maximum. If you think the cork is a cool idea, then check out our review of the Cork Padel Light III, a truly unique padel racket.

It is the most cost-effective Drop Shot padel racket, and we recommend it.


  • A well-balanced racket
  • Great power and control in equal parts
  • Versatile and competent product
  • Great for players with tennis elbow problems


  • You can’t get the same power as with more offensive padel rackets
  • Feels low quality at times

What level of player is the Drop Shot Allegra best for?

The Drop Shot Allegra is one of the best paddles for beginner and intermediate players, is this the padel racket you’ve been searching for?

This frame offers remarkable reactivity to impact and durability thanks to its high Carbon 3000 construction that combines incredibly with Cork Layer technology.

Thanks to shock-absorbing technology like the Smart Holes System, Cork Grip, or the EVA Pro rubber, this padel racket also offers good levels of control.

Last but not least, if you enjoy having a firm hold on the ball, you’ll value the 3D technology, which uses a rough surface to improve feel, control, and effects.

Is Drop Shot Allegra best for attacking or defensive players?

The premium Carbon 3000 technology in the Drop Shot Allegra Professional 1.0 is why it has become a superb option for players aiming to be an all-rounder in the game.

The 3D Face artifact makes it a smart choice for a better hold on the ball and a larger effect.

This is the ideal racket for players searching for the maximum amount of adaptability in their style of play—a balance between attack and defense—thanks to its blend of materials.

In this review

The Drop Shot Allegra 1.0

Drop Shot Allegra

  • With Cork grip and Eva Tech core gives incredible cushioning
  • Technology that significantly reduces vibrations
  • Great elasticity


The Allegra is from the Drop Shot Ambition Padel rackets series.

It is a fantastic option for players of all skill levels since the padel racket uses premium Carbon 3000 technology, which offers excellent resistance, rigidity, and reaction to blows.

Thanks to its components, this high-tech all-around padel racket gives you a superb balance between attack and defense.

The racket is expertly styled, mixing dark greys with fluorescent orange in the face for a modern, beautiful design that will catch anyone’s eye.

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